A Mid-Century Christmas: How to Celebrate Retro-Style

Roger Morris Seattle Metro Realtor

Image: 100christmastrees.blogspot.com

The aluminum Christmas tree adorned with glass ball ornaments…

The artificial tree with removable branches decorated with bubble lights and styrofoam balls bedazzled with sequins, rhinestones, and ribbons…

The pink “sno-flocked” live tree with color-coordinating pink orbs…

The mid-century housewife wasn’t satisfied with the traditional holiday decor; she paved her “atomic” way with  futuristic baubles, plastic beaded garland, and silvery tinsel draped on every possible item in the house.

The mid-century menu, however, was not to be messed with. The only thing that changed for the mid-century housewife were the modern amenities like the gas range, automatic electric coffee percolator, Oster electric meat grinder, and – the most coveted – freezer. Ahhh…I can smell the roasted turkey with oyster stuffing, mince pies, and cranberry gelatin molds!

Don your ruffled aprons bedecked with Christmas balls, play the Sinatra Christmas Album on the console turn table, and pour some Manhattans for the guests…it’s Christmas, Baby!

For a fond look back at Christmas in 1950s…

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