This Ain’t Your Mother’s Fridge


You know the old joke when discussing the modern updates to a new appliance: “…and it makes coffee, too!” GE wants to make that a reality with their new line of refrigerators. According to a Wall Street Journal article, GE boasts that consumers have been requesting for years that the refrigerator produce hot water. What happened to the mid-century days when you boiled water in your percolator and the refrigerator kept things cold?


This fancy fridge, GE’s Café model, features an in-door water heater that heats water to various temperatures. The special door insulates the heating element while keeping the inside of the refrigerator cold.

Mr. Roger prefers to keep his hots and colds separate.

What do you say, friends? Would you buy a refrigerator that provides hot water?

Mr. Roger wants to know.

4 thoughts on “This Ain’t Your Mother’s Fridge

  1. No thank you … how many times would something like that have to be repaired at how many dollars a pop before the GE repair department declared it obsolete and no longer fixable … Keep It Simple, please!!!

  2. I was looking for a percolator the other day – do they still exist? Maybe in a museum somewhere? I’d take hot water from my sink, doesn’t have to be the fridge.

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