It’s a Mid-Century Revival!

Roger Morris Seattle Realtor

It’s time for a good, old-fashioned revival! No, not the religious kind. (Well, for some of us, mid-century worship is a religion.) A mid-century home renovation revival! It’s happening all of the country in neighborhoods near you!

While the “big daddies” of mid-century architecture are being preserved (Eames, Wright, Neutra, the list goes on) and blogged and written about in national news outlets, there are also the “Average Joes/Janes” who are revamping mid-century homes to their past glories. Not an Average Jane herself, Pam Kueber of Retro Renovation, whose devotion to the mid-century era is  definitely something to worship, remodeled her 1951 colonial-ranch home and helps other who wish to follow in her footsteps. In my daily travels through cyberspace, I’ve discovered a few of  these mid-century converts who blog about their daily escapades of retro home remodeling in a modern world.

A Goode House: 1958 home in Texas

Erwin House: 1950-something Austin home

Retro Ranch Revamp: 1962 ranch home in Milwaukee

Our Modern Mess: 1962 split level home in Atlanta’s Northcrest neighborhood

After the Dust Clears: 1956 Minnesota ranch home

Retro Renovation has collected a list of devotees. Know of others? Tell me! I want to worship along with them.

2 thoughts on “It’s a Mid-Century Revival!

  1. Hey Roger! Thanks for the mention… so cool of you. It’s always great to find and follow others who are loving and restoring mid-century homes. I appreciate the list… it will be a pleasure to check ’em out! Thanks again.

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