Gayway at the Century 21 Exposition, Seattle 1962

For anyone obsessed with the Seattle World’s Fair of 1962, photos from the grand exposition provide an insight to the futuristic minds of our Seattle forefathers. While the fair touted the innovation of the Seattle area in the mid-century, it also celebrated the hope and free spirit that blossomed in the 1960s. The Gayway, designed by amusement business experts from Toronto and New Orleans, enticed younger visitors from around the Puget Sound region and beyond with its Space Wheel, Union 76 Skyride, Flight to Mars, Wild Mouse rollercoaster (apparently Bill Gates fondest memory from the Fair!), and more. Let’s celebrate the 1960s free spirit with a photographic trip through the Gayway, the amusement section of the Century 21 Exposition!

For more images from the Gayway at the 1962 Seattle World’s Fair, check out the Seattle Public Library’s Digital Collections online.

2 thoughts on “Gayway at the Century 21 Exposition, Seattle 1962

  1. Back then my grandfather, Roger Purdue, has a Union 76 gas and service station .. we got “discount” tickets for the skyride … we thought we were really something cause we got those tickets from my grampa!!! It was a fun time…. or should I say a gay old time in honor of the gayway!!

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