Original Kitsch

Mr. Roger loves his kitschy 1955 kitchen in all its glorious original wonder. A dark red tile backsplash complements the matching paint color on the original cabinets with the original cabinet handles. The original countertop still does its job…stylishly, at least. However, with limited counter space, no dishwasher, a fridge off on its own, and a stand-alone 1970s/1980s era range on another wall, the kitchen is in need of some modern day assistance which most likely means a new countertop. The search for a countertop will be a breeze thanks to Wilsonart’s Indie Collection (Retro Malt, maybe?)

The real kitsch in this kitchen is the vintage dinette set in the corner. Not long after moving into the house, my mom called to tell me she found a table at a neighbor’s garage sale to “match” my countertops with six chairs in a “strange yellow/orange” color. Neighbors were moving into a retirement home, so I knew it was a great vintage find. And at $100…perfect! Well, transporting from Dallas (Oregon, not Texas) to Seattle proved to be “not so perfect”. Without a large vehicle to transport it, I decided to take the train to Dallas (remember, it’s Oregon) and rent a van or small truck to bring it back. Hah! Not so easy there, city boy! Apparently, in small town, rural Oregon, there is no such thing as a van or small truck to rent! What I ended up with…a 12-footer! I spent more on the truck and gas back to Seattle than I did on the dinette set. All that effort for my little vintage table…it was worth it! It’s a keeper!

Do you have a kitschy kitchen story? Share it with me! And share your 1950s kitchen photo in all its fabulous original glory on Mr. Roger’s Neigbhorhoods Facebook page.

2 thoughts on “Original Kitsch

  1. fantastic kitchen in great condition. now you must only use 50s era kitchen implements- you need a sunbeam mixmaster- modern stuff just wouldn’t look right!

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