Mid-Century Decor: It’s Not All About Stark

1953 Armstrong ad
Image: midcenturyhomestyle.com

When you think of the mid-century modern movement of the ’50s and ’60s, does your mind go to the stark, clean images of modern home interiors? Do you pine for more warmth on those insides?

In a recent article on Houzz, the author shared her appreciation for colorful, personality-infused mid-century interiors. The article and accompanying photos got me thinking: Did the mid-century homes of the 1950s and ’60s feature stark interiors? Certainly the forefathers of mid-century modern architecture and interior design wanted it that way, but what about the Average Joe’s and Jane’s that just wanted a cozy home? I decided to take a tour through the mid-century archives on the Internet highway and found a few gems to share.

Betty Pepis Interior Decoration A to Z, 1965
Image: flickr.com sandiv999

1954 Living Room
Image: theatomichouse.tumblr.com

1961 Living Room, House Beautiful
Image: housebeautiful.com

1956 Living Room
Image: flickr.com sportsuburban

1962 GP Paneling
Image: flickr.com sportsuburban

Do you have more gems to share? Let me know! I’m always looking for more!

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