Ice Cream, Ice Cream! Mid-Century Memories of The Good Humor Man

Running from gangsters, a woman clutches the Good Humor Man yelling, “Save me! Save me!”

His reply, “Look, lady, I just sell ice cream.”

Mr. Roger disagrees with his reply. He doesn’t “just sell ice cream”! He sells happiness! Can you hear it now…that tinny music calling you from down the street which sets you into panic mode, praying that you have change in your piggy bank, then dashing out the front door to chase down the ice cream truck. Ahhhh, I can taste the Good Humor Strawberry Shortcake bar now. With the sunny days of summer here in Seattle (no rain, really!), ice cream has been on my mind lately. So I decided to take a retro roadtrip along the Internet highway and found some great mid-century images to help jog your memory of The Good Humor Man.

Good Humor truck, 1940s-50s

Good Humor Man, 1940s
Image: sctatepdx

Photo from The Good Humor Man movie

The Good Human Man

Vintage The Good Humor Man book

Ice Cream on a Stick!

And then I found this sad piece of news about Good Humor…company is short of product! Nooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

8 thoughts on “Ice Cream, Ice Cream! Mid-Century Memories of The Good Humor Man

  1. Really great! Made me want some scream! YUMMY!
    I miss ice cream trucks in general… old or new. 🙂 I swear if I heard one come down the street I’d run like crazy to get a treat. Fun stuff.

  2. I know! I saw an ice cream “minivan” at a stop light the other day. I would have jumped out and bought something if it wasn’t for that “pesky” green light!

  3. OK everyone – I was runover by a Goodhumor Man truck in, about 1943, in San Diego, in the military housing. We would crawl under the front of the trucks and kick the bells which were under the radiator. The driver took off and dragged me down the street, did a bit of dmage to my back and still have a scar on a toe –

    Got free ice cream for a good while\

  4. Mr. Roger can’t decide if he should be saddened about your misfortune under the Good Humor truck or happy about the free ice cream! It does seem like a fair repayment for an ice cream-aholic such as myself. 🙂

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