It’s Friday! It’s Retro Revelry Day!

1956 ad for GE Wall Refrigerator-Freezer
Image: In Orbit

Hangs on your wall like a picture! So easy to install!

Mr. Roger wonders…did anyone buy one of these wall-mounted fridges and where are they now?

13 thoughts on “It’s Friday! It’s Retro Revelry Day!

  1. Roger… with all your house visits for Real Estate sales, if you haven’t found one they must not have been all that popular!!

  2. I have seen them in Atomic Ranch magazine; they did a feature on a mid-century subdivision and the homes had these in the kitchen when built. If I remember right the color choices were blue, pink, yellow and white. Only a few of the original wall mounts remain in the homes there 😦

  3. mr roger, you never disappoint! i don’t think this exciting innovation made it to our shores in australia, but it’s not a bad idea. but how heavy would they have been? you’d have to reinforce the walls in order to hang it.

  4. If used in conjunction with a standard sized floor unit, the wall mounted would be very functional with items used daily, milk, eggs, butter, drinks, leftovers,etc. The trick would be to suspend the unit from a drop ceiling, thus making it less reliant on wall mounts. Modern refrigeration techniques and better insulation would also increase capacity. I think it is time to reintroduce this concept as more meals are taken outside the home anyway. The ease of reaching and finding what you need makes them very practical.

  5. There’s one in this house that’s for sale along with a gold GE oven that has to be at least as old:
    109 Surf Drive
    Cocoa Beach, FL 32931

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