Music to My Mid-Century Ears

Yes, Mr. Roger’s ears are mid-century (born in 1955), which is why, early in life, I developed an ear for music from the mid-century years. How could one resist when songs melted out of the old transistor radio on the kitchen table by singers such as Vic Damone, Frank Sinatra, and the Andrews Sisters. Mr. Roger’s always loves a good retro roadtrip on the Internet Highway, so today I decided to revisit some of the old favorites with a twist…songs about home.

Nothing better than The Andrews Sisters “Show Me the Way to Go Home“, 1958

The Andrews Sisters

Remember this one? “On the Street Where You Live“, Vic Damone, 1964

Vic Damone, 1950s

How about Dino? “Home” Dean Martin, 1966

Dean Martin, 1967

Do you remember Eartha Kitt dreaming of “…an old fashioned house, with an old fashioned fence”? “Just an Old Fashioned Girl”, 1958

Who are your favorite singers from the mid-century? Mr. Roger wants to reminisce with you!

3 thoughts on “Music to My Mid-Century Ears

  1. I pretty much love them all; Frank, Bing, Dean, Sammy, Bobby Darrin, Nat King Cole, Andy Williams, Johnny Mathis, Perry Como. We also listen to Big Band and Swing, oldies rock and roll, and earlier Country Music. And on a record player no less 🙂

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