Take a Tour of Mister Rogers’ House

You’ve seen them pinned on Pinterest boards, posted on Facebook, and written about on blogs…house plans for TV shows and movies. Mr. Roger has combed the Internet Highway for a house plan of Mister Rogers’ house. (If you find one, please let Mr. Roger know!)

Instead of a house plan, I’ll try to recreate it with words. Built in 1967, Mister Rogers’ house is a modest brick bungalow with gabled windows and awnings on the front windows. Inside was decorated in a classic mid-century style with an retro orange plaid couch, mod brown/blue/green pattered curtains, wooden kitchen table with vinyl patterned chairs, and don’t forget that wood bench with blue cushion that he sits on each time he changes into his classic blue sneakers.

From the opening shot of the little brick house at the end of the street…

With the swing on the welcoming porch…

Wood paneled doors with long wrought iron door hinges…

His closet full of cardigans…

His living room and kitchen with the traffic light (and fish tank)…

And that iconic ’50s-style white refrigerator in the kitchen.

If you’re still curious about Mister Rogers’ house, watch the video on PBS Kids to see how the house comes together with narration from Mister Rogers and Mr. McFeely.

“Won’t you, please, won’t you, please, please, won’t you be my neighbor?”


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