Designing Your Mad Men Office on Etsy


Mr. Roger does not deny being swept up in the Mad Men craze! Really, how can you resist? The fantastic light fixtures, streamlined couches, and wood paneled walls…I can go on! So, when it comes time to remodel your home or work office, what would a Mad Man do? Head to Etsy, of course! Using the inspiration photo of Don Draper’s office, I scoured the nooks and crannies of Etsy vintage seller sites for mod, mid-century gems that would be the perfect addition to any Don Draper devotee’s den! Here’s a sneak peak (with links) of your future office…

Let’s start with Don’s desk…I do love those solid-built, mid-century desks! Etsy seller, modernmidcenturyfurn has this lovely listed at $259:

This desk lamp is so Don Draper! Check it out from weareMFEO, listed at $59:

Don has a pair of drool-worthy chairs on the opposite side his desk! An initial search on Etsy for cane-backed, mid-century chairs turned up nothing similar for sale, but instead I found these mid-century teak lounge chairs from Hindsvik for $225 for the pair:

Look closely at the metal canister sitting between the two cane-back chairs at Don’s desk…it’s a pedestal ashtray! Here’s one I found from Etsy seller, Hip Little Chick, for $28:

Not quite Don’s color or exact style of couch, but close enough! I found this sage green mid-century Danish couch (which would complement the teak chairs!) from Etsy seller, Gremlina for $495:

The perfect credenza for either files or the bar! Barefoot Dwelling has this mid-century gem listed for $380:

Are you ready to redecorate? Hmmmmmmm…I am!

14 thoughts on “Designing Your Mad Men Office on Etsy

  1. Hi there – I am a follower of your blog and I loved this story, especially since I also have a vintage home decor shop on Etsy. And I just started a blog on WordPress. Keep writing and I will keep reading and love the new office. So much, I reblogged it !

  2. Yay! So glad you wrote! I’m heading to your Etsy shop right now! And subscribing to your blog! Thanks for reblogging!

  3. mr roger, you do us all such a service in finding these great pieces. now, what about a couple of fabulous 50s dresses and suits for us to inhabit the room in? (i know, i always want more!)

  4. Thanks for sharing! Mad Men is one of my favorite shows 🙂
    I also loved the short lived show Pan Am; not so much for the story lines but for the clothes and decor!
    I also sell vintage smalls on Etsy; mid century is my specialty!

  5. S. Pan Am was fantastic. The decor and the clothes,hair and makeup. My husband and i watched every episode.

  6. such a great idea, I will be looking out for classic images of vintage rooms and trying to hunt down the furnishings now!

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