Accessorizing Your Mad Men Office on Etsy

Last week, I featured Etsy items perfect for redesigning your “Mad Men” look-alike office. This week, we venture into the world of accessorizing your mid-century modern, “Mad Men” office…Don Draper style! We start with the inspiration photos of Don’s lounge area and desk in his office.



The artwork above the couch is so striking, so I went searching on the Internet Highway for an image of the painting. This mid-century inspired artwork was painted by artist Michal Shapiro, who not only paints, but is a videographer, musician, music journalist, and record producer, and blogs regularly on The Huffington Post. I went searching on Etsy for something similar with the same color scheme and dimensions, and found something to fit the bill from Etsy seller, vPorterhouse.


I love the pop of color on Don’s couch. A search of “yellow square pillow” didn’t bring up anything that resembled the pillow in the center of the couch but I found a groovy orange one from VintageWolfy on Etsy.

And some fabulous vintage golden velvet round pillows from drowsySwords to mirror the orange pillows that flank Don’s office couch.

Don likes his whiskey, and the gold-rimmed lowball glassware is divine! I found so many options on Etsy that I had a hard time narrowing it down to just one style…but I settled on these beauties from Carmen & Ginger (with a matching pitcher!).

Now, we venture over to Don’s desk area…no mid-century desk is complete without a rotary phone! Don’s phone is black, and Etsy seller, Apple Charlotte doesn’t disappoint!

Sitting behind Don’s desk on the windowsill is a globe. I found a great one from Vintage-AD on Etsy.

I had to stop here before I got too carried away! But I’m always on lookout for more mid-mod decor. Share your Don Draper-style finds with Mr. Roger!




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