Celebrate Halloween Mid-Century Style

While Mr. Roger is on a “decor” and “design” kick and with Halloween right around the corner, why not decorate for Halloween in the classic mid-century style? Mr. Roger loves to hand out (and eat) candy for the hordes of trick-or-treaters that roam the neighborhood on Halloween night. To get in the holiday spirit this year, Mr. Roger combed the Internet abyss for mid-century inspired decorations.

Tabletop cut-outs of vintage jackolantern kids from Traditions Holiday Store…cute and creepy!

Scare ’em before they get to the door…why dress up your pink flamingos when you can buy skel-a-mingos?

What better tabletop decor than a honeycomb pumpkin from D. Blumchen & Company?!?!

Nothing scarier than black cats, right? This pair from Penny Penguin Vintage on Etsy would be perfect on my mid-century sideboard…

Still need costume ideas? Get sewing now! Here are some great images from a 1958 Sears Catalog…

$2.79 for the Popeye costume! Those were the days…those were the days…


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