Baby, It’s Cold Outside

Johnny and Margaret knew how to sing it. Mr. Roger is definitely beginning to feel it. Here in Seattle the temperature dipped into the 30s a few evenings (34F Monday night…brrrrr). Time to cozy up to the hearthstone and light up the fireplace.

Mr. Roger loves and appreciates his modest 1955 brick fireplace surround and mantel. During the mid-century, the fireplace – modest or magnificent – was the focal point of every proper living room. Over the past few months, Mr. Roger has curated a collection of favorite fireplaces – vintage and current – that elicit a mid mod vibe, like this simple, white-painted brick fireplace wall from a mid-century home in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood.

How fantastic is this Fireorb fireplace…floating above the floor like a UFO!?!

No party is complete without gathering around the fireplace for cocktails and stories, like in this photo from the Beattie House, designed by Ulrich Franzen (who recently passed away), featured in LIFE Magazine in 1958.

This Houston home’s living room, with it’s wonderful wood paneling, features a stone fireplace surround to make you swoon.

How about this retro beauty of a fireplace wall, complete with a sunburst clock?!

This one takes the cake for fantastic! Click on the photo below to go to the original post on Retro Renovation‘s site. The home, a true time capsule on the market in early 2012, features a “rotunda-style” living room with a round double-sided fireplace.

In the famous words of Johnny Mercer and Margaret Whiting…

Margaret: My mother will start to worry…

Johnny: Hey beautiful, what’s your hurry?

M: And father will be pacing the floor.

J: Listen to that fireplace roar.

M: So really, I’d better scurry.

J: Beautiful, please don’t hurry.

M: Well, maybe just a half a drink more.

J: Put some music on while I pour.”

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