Vintage Christmas Gift Wrap: If Only…

If only Mr. Roger had saved all that wrapping paper from his youth as a mid-century boy. What a collection I’d have!

But, never fear, Mr. Roger found a great online source (via hmdavid on flickr) for his vintage wrapping paper fix. If only we could still buy these patterns today.

This wrapping paper makes me want to start singing: “Toyland, toyland, little girl and boy land…”

vintage wrap1

Does the Santa in the middle look a bit evil?

vintage wrap10

Who could resist this delightfully adorable kitten paper?

vintage wrap2

Can you say Kitschmas?

vintage wrap3

This kids Christmas wrapping paper scares me a bit…

vintage wrap4

Adorable bluebird wrapping paper!

vintage wrap5

Skiing wrapping paper from the 1960s…very mod!

vintage wrap6

Drippy candles…best on wrapping paper rather than your dining room tablecloth!

vintage wrap8

This last one has got to be my favorite. So cheerful are the men – young and old – festively preparing and celebrating Christmas…especially the jaunty fellow toting his gifts with a pipe in his mouth!

vintage wrap9

Do you have a fond memory of Christmas wrapping paper?

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