What’s in YOUR Neighborhood?

Reposted from Coldwell Banker Bain Fences & Flowers blog.

By Roger Morris (AKA Mr. Roger)

University Bridge Peace ParkChances are if you walk around any neighborhood you will find something unique in a park or landmark that you hadn’t noted earlier. Perhaps a historical tidbit that you didn’t know about.

As a Realtor, while I’m out touring neighborhoods and selling homes, sometimes I discover hidden treasures that you don’t see in those famous shots of Seattle, like the Space Needle, Pike Place Market and Waterfront.

Here in Seattle, many of us recognize Sadako and the Thousand Cranes statue in Peace Park by the University Bridge. But did you know the park is fairly new? It was built in 1998, going from a pile of old cars, garbage and overgrown plants to a tiny haven for birds and people seeking serenity. The statue honors Sadako Sasaki, the Japanese girl who survived the Hiroshima bombing but eventually died of radiation poisoning at the age of 12.

How about the famous/infamous Fremont Troll under the Aurora Bridge? A popular spot and “must see” for many visitors to the area (bus tours specifically seek it out!), the Troll isn’t as terrifying as the legend has it. Although it likes cars, specifically VW Bugs. The troll is cleaning up his act; the City of Seattle is considering creating a small park next to the landmark called The Troll’s Knoll.

Roger Morris Seattle Realtor

Another treasure I found while touring the Eastlake neighborhood this past summer, which borders the east side of Lake Union, was Lynn Street Park, a quaint little park at the end of E. Lynn Street on Fairview Avenue (across from Pete’s Grocery). The park leads out to some of Seattle’s picturesque houseboats and features a small boat launch for a kayak or canoe. What delighted me most was the colorful, hand-painted, tiled concrete bench, which provides you with a work of art to sit upon while enjoying the lovely view of Queen Anne and Westlake.

Some of the art and history goes beyond parks. While touring a home with buyers in the Wallingford neighborhood, I noticed a dead tree with over two-dozen birdhouses nailed to it. Luckily the sellers were home and shared the story of the birdhouse tree, along with other historical factoids about the neighborhood, including its fame!

Wallingford Birdhouse Tree

The adjacent house was used in the filming of the movie “Harry and the Hendersons” in 1987. I had seen the movie many years ago (staring John Lithgow and Don Ameche) but never knew that it was filmed in Seattle. It turns out that the house was featured in the film as the “house next door to the Henderson’s with the swimming pool.” Sadly, the swimming pool is no longer there… they put the pool in just for the movie and took it out after filming.

Seattle neighborhoods and the surrounding area are full of interesting, unique and hidden features. Not every neighborhood has a troll or a birdhouse tree, but each one has something others may not know about. I am always on the lookout for more of these treasures!

Now, get to know YOUR neighborhood and share those treasures with me.

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