It’s Friday! It’s Retro Revelry Day!

I’m glad we can’t see the color of the food being presented in this black and white photo from the 1961 Complete Holiday Cookbook…apparently it’s green rice and another unidentifiable concoction in the chafing dish. What I’m most frightened of is the little elf that’s posing as a leprechaun! Anyway…however you celebrate, Happy St. Paddy’s Day!

green rice


4 thoughts on “It’s Friday! It’s Retro Revelry Day!

  1. i’m with you on the b&w…colour would be unbearable. is that grog under the pixie/leprechaun’s arm? and is his nose a little flushed? again- good thing colourless!

  2. I believe the leprechaun has a bag of gold under his arm (or a bag of green rice)! His nose looks more like Pinocchio rather than leprechaun…wish I knew what they were thinking when they posed him there!

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