Oh, Those Fins

vintage car finsWhile out touring homes with real estate clients this past weekend, I found this beauty parked in the garage. I desperately wanted to know the story behind the car. What year is it? Who (if anyone) had it before? Where and how did they purchase it? I decided to take a trip on the Internet highway and stumbled on a bit of research about 1960s-era Cadillac automobiles. During the Atomic Age, Cadillac designers decided to “tone down” the excessive 1950s versions. The sharply chic tail fins grew from the updated and streamlined design. I chuckled a bit thinking of these fins as “toned down”. Nothing modest about them!

The epitome of luxury, Cadillac sold wealth and taste. Even Mad Men’s Don Draper was seduced by the allure and splurged on a 1962 Cadillac Coupe de Ville in season two of the show. Like Don, not being able to resist the power of publicity, I found some fabulous mid-century Cadillac advertisements to share with you.

So what is the story of this car? Was it a gift to the “lady of the house” like in the ad below?

red cadillac ad 3

Image: FrenchFrouFrou via Etsy

Or did the couple decide together?

red cadillac ad

Image: relicsandcollectables via photobucket

And who wouldn’t want Harry Winston diamonds in the shape of the Cadillac crest?

red cadillac ad 2

Image: adloft via ebay

red cadillac etsy

Image: dawnephotography via Etsy

Hmmm…wonder if the car comes with the house?

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