Mid-Century Homeowners’ May Maintenance Reminders

We mid-century homeowners typically have a little bit more to do because of the ages of our homes. Here are a few tips* to make sure that you are ready for summer no matter where you live – Seattle or beyond.

Roger Morris Seattle Real Estate___Service the furnace and air conditioner: When the weather begins warming up (sometimes not until July in Seattle), it’s time to take care of  your heating and cooling units. Call in a professional to perform an annual service on your furnace and/or air conditioner. For Seattle area readers, I have collected a list of vendors that I or clients have been happy with over the years. You can find this list on my website.

___Clean and repair window screens: Remove screens and lay them on the grass, driveway, or patio. Dust with a soft cloth or brush with a clean paint brush. Scrub each side with a soft bristle brush in a solution of  soapy water. Hose off and let dry. Small tears can be mended with a needle and thread.

vaccum cleaner___Replace vacuum cleaner bags: For those of you with an old, hand-me-down vacuum cleaner from your parents, you might, like me, forget that you need to replace the vacuum bag even if it’s not full of pet hair and dirt. Dust and allergens collect in the bags, so take it outside when removing the bag. Wear a bandana or mask to protect your lungs. While you have the vacuum open, take the time to dust and clean inside.

Got any other tips for Mr. Roger and mid-century homeowners?


*Adapted from MSN Real Estate


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