Back to School: The Three Rs

recyclerrrMr. Roger knows that school is almost out for the kiddos, but grown-ups can always use a little schooling, right? You may already know about the three Rs, as in “Reuse, Reduce, Recycle”, but it’s always good to be reminded…

1. Reuse: Why throw bottle caps in the trash when you can make a boot/shoe scraper? On an 8×12-inch board, nail six rows of eight caps, fluted edges up. The bottle tops will make any gardener happy, removing mud and dirt from shoe and boot soles. Head over to Raising Jane Journal for inspiration. (Mr. Roger’s tip: This would make a great project for the kiddos during their summer break!)

MP9003904902. Reduce:  To save time (no mowing) and money (on those summer water bills), replace your Western Washington lawn with self-reliant native plants and evergreen herbs that prefer wet winters and dry summers. Convert shady lawns to moss gardens, adding ferns, hostas, and compact rhododendrons. A list of native plants and resources can be found on King County’s Native Plant Guide website. (Mr. Roger’s tip: If you live outside Western Washington, check out your local Master Gardener Extension Program to find a list of native plants for your region.)

3. Recycle: Are you planning a remodel or do you have surplus materials from a recent project? If so, here in Seattle, Second Use may be able to help you. They accept materials donations on Habitat for Humanity’s behalf—doors, windows, cabinets, lighting, etc. This is a great way to keep used materials out of the landfill and, at the same time, help Habitat for Humanity build decent, affordable housing. (Mr. Roger’s tip: For those of you who live outside Seattle, you can find resources in your neck of the woods at Building Reuse Materials Association.)



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