Forget the Summer Home Projects, Road Trip Instead!



Summer in the Pacific Northwest means there’s no better time to take a road trip. So put away the tools, retire the “to do” list for a few months and explore the open road.

But what about those gas prices? Gone are the 1968 prices of 34 cents a gallon. Following are a few simple tips to help improve your gas mileage and free up more cash for the important things in life (like the bathroom remodel project that you’ve just put off until the fall).

1) Check your tire pressure to ensure they are at the recommended pressure.

2) Check your air filter. If it’s dirty or old, replace it.

3) Run your car’s air conditioner less.

4) Drive calmly. Avoid unnecessary acceleration and braking.

5) Plan more efficient routes if you drive in traffic.

6) Tune up your car if these steps do not improve your mileage.

7) Ask a mechanic to check the gap on your spark plugs. Adjust as necessary.

8) Ask a mechanic to look for fouled fuel injectors. Replace them as necessary.

9) Replace spark plug wires.

Visit and for more information on conserving gas and improving the environment. In addition to being greener, you’ll be saving more green…for that home project in the fall, right?



Image: iowajewel via etsy

Image: iowajewel via etsy


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