Cost vs. Value: “Dialing” and Remodeling for Dollars

Magnolia2Mid-century home or not, many of us have that list formulated in our minds. You know the list…the one with all the home care and remodeling projects that we will get to someday — someday when you have time, someday when you have the cash, someday when you can’t live with that white tiled kitchen countertop anymore. Mr. Roger wants to help you prioritize that list.

You know the old saying “Dialing for Dollars”? For some remodeling projects, making the call to contractors (although you’ll be shelling out cash at the onset) might just make you money in the long run. Each year, Remodeling Magazine measures home remodeling projects’ return on investment (ROI) for the country, but also breaks it down by region, state, and city. You can access the entire report on the Remodeling Magazine website.

Here are some of the key ROI results for 2013 in the Seattle area:

Replacing Entry Door with Steel
Job cost: $1,245
ROI: 85.6%

Deck Addition (wood)
Job cost: $11,116
ROI: 77.3%

Window Replacement (wood)
Job Cost: $12,036
ROI: 73.3%

Minor Kitchen Remodel
Job cost: $21,094
ROI: 75.4%

Adding an Attic Bedroom
Job cost: $56,612
ROI: 72.9%

What’s at the bottom of the list? Home office remodel comes in at 43.6%.

Will your next remodeling project have you “dialing for dollars”? If you are in the market for a remodeling project, which one are you considering? Mr. Roger wants to know if the ROI information will affect your decision. It’s definitely influenced mine!


2 thoughts on “Cost vs. Value: “Dialing” and Remodeling for Dollars

  1. Wouldn’t you know my home office remodel is my favorite upgrade! Guess there’s something to be said for personal enjoyment factor though I will consider this in deciding how far to take the kitchen remodel. hmmmmm…..

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