Paint Colors: Are You “Preapproved”?

If you are considering painting your home’s exterior this summer, have you chosen your paint scheme yet? This paint palette was developed in the 1950s by Beatrice West, a mid-century color and design maven for housing developments.

If these colors don’t excite you, check out Retro Renovation, an excellent resource for paint color recommendations including the authentic Eichler colors with names like “California Redwood” and “Coast Guard Gray”. While you’re on the website, sign up for their weekly newsletter for tips and tricks to keep your mid-century gem groovy.



2 thoughts on “Paint Colors: Are You “Preapproved”?

  1. I love color! But, after spending many years living in houses that needed to be scraped and painted way too often, we are in a brick ranch. I have to live out my color love in the trim, entrance doors and garage door. I thought it was odd that all of the homes shown have plain garage doors, painted the same as the body of the house. My favorite is #2 🙂

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