Save Some Green AND Have a Green Lawn?

Great Edmonds home on cul de sac lotSeptember is approaching, and here in Seattle it’s a ripe time to start planning for your fall yard maintenance before the rainy season sets in. With our glorious Seattle summer coming to an end, you might have a brown lawn. The little things you do this fall will help ensure that next summer you can enjoy your yard while saving some green.

It costs a lot of green to keep it green. “Go green” instead. The City of Seattle has five basic things for natural yard care.

1. Build healthy soil with compost and mulch: A comprehensive and step-by-step guide for fellow composters and mulchers.

2. Choose the right plants for your yard: How to assess your yard – sunny and shady spots, soggy and dry areas – and then select plants that grow well in those conditions.

3. Practice smart watering: Learn how to install and use soaker hoses to their fullest potential. You’ll be saving time and money!

4. Use natural pest, weed, and disease control methods: Chemicals aren’t necessary for keeping weeds at bay. Really!

4. Practice natural lawn care: If a green lawn is what you want, use natural organic or slow release fertilizers. And, September is the best time to fertilize in Seattle.

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