Mr. Roger Goes Window Shopping…Online

With the typical fall weather making an early appearance here in Seattle (hello, buckets of rain!), I decided to hunker down inside and do some window shopping online. What better portal than Etsy? Dreaming about Seattle’s Indian summer which is coming soon (right?), I chose a color palette of rich golden yellows. Following is a collage of mod mid-century gems for the living room.

Roger midcentury great room ideas

1. 1960s velveteen lounge chair from Al’s Redesign Vintage

2. 1960s credenza with tambour doors and pyramid cabinets from The Modern Historic

3. 1950s-60s teak, atomic lamp (shade not included) from The Vintage Co

4. 1950s-60s original oil pastel artwork from LA Vintage Furnishings

5. Mid-century modern orange tweed sofa from Modnique



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