Mr. Roger’s Retro Road Trip to Tacoma

Back in Time in Tacoma, WA

by Roger Morris (AKA Mr. Roger)

20130910-IMG_3830-001It’s not every day that Mr. Roger goes on a road trip…as in leaving the city limits of Seattle. But I’ve had my eye on a special store in Tacoma – Midcenturyville. The store specializes in mid-century furniture and fixtures. My colleague in crime for the day, Christine (who does a great job on the majority of my social marketing and is also mid-century lover) was ready for the adventure. Just before I got in the car for the drive, I quickly looked at the store’s Facebook page to check the hours. Verdict: not open. Feeling the need for a road trip, we decided to make the trip to Tacoma anyway.

What a delight we discovered! The store was indeed closed, so all we could do was peek through the windows. Definitely worth a trip back when it’s open…but the fun part of visiting Tacoma was seeing Antique Row and checking out the antique shops that were open during our visit. One in particular was a major score for Christine! An amazing jewelry maker (Christine Stoll Jewelry), she discovered an old trunk in the back of Rampart Antiques filled with gems that will be upcycled and turned into many spectacular pieces. We learned that Tuesday was not the best day to antique shop (or to look for that mid-century lamp I need in my living room). Too many tempting stores were not open. Next time we venture to the big city south of Seattle, it will need to be a Friday or Saturday to get the full experience.

20130910-IMG_3840-001The highlight of the day however was lunch in Fife just a few miles north of Tacoma. Who knew that the Poodle Dog existed?!?! A mid-century charmer with a few updates, this “greasy spoon” restaurant was the perfect ending to our retro road trip. I was a little sad about not being able to enjoy one of the stellar pieces of pie, as I was too full from my old-fashioned Monte Cristo sandwich. Great food and great service! Before leaving, we decided to check out the bar (called the Pup Room). Walking into the Pup Room is like stepping back in time with its dark walls, stone fireplace, and what looked to be the original bar. Sadly, the company that owns Poodle Dog will be remodeling the place this fall (see article).

Have you been on a retro road trip lately? If so, tell me about it!

Check out the rest of the photos from my retro trip to Tacoma…

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