Have a Mid-Century Inspired Thanksgivukkah

Get ready for a holiday mash-up…Thanksgiving and Hanukkah. For the first time since 1888, the two holidays overlap. Mr. Roger combed through the internet to find the most interesting mid-century finds for a festive holiday feast to properly celebrate Thanksgivukkah.

First, you need a retro-inspired banner.

thanksgivukkah sign

Image: The Bridal Prop Shop


A 1950s turkey platter is perfect for the occasion.

turkey platter

Image: Kitschy Vintage


The mid-century menorah is a must.

mid century menorah

Image: Peachy Chic Boutique


1966 Hanukkah teaching picture will get you in the spirit.

hanukkah book

Image: Vintage That’s Mintage


A 1950s holiday cookbook will give you the ideal recipes for the turkey mid-century style!

holiday cookbook

Image: Cookbook Maven


And perhaps a vintage Chanukkah baking tin for grandma’s pecan pie?

hanukkah baking tin

Image: Mad Hatter Platters

For that perfect mash-up of food, check out Cupcake Project’s “Thanksgivukkah Blogger Potluck“.

Here in Seattle, you can find what you need for a hearty Thanksgivukkah feast at local farmers markets, including caramels, cranberries, and cranberry pomegranate ginger beer from Rachel’s Ginger Beer: http://eepurl.com/IWIqD

Happy Thanksgivukkah, friends!

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