Flooring Inspiration for the Mid-Century Home

Tired of the peeling, cracking vinyl flooring or chipped tiles in your mid-century home? When considering your next flooring options, go “outside the box” for inspiration and ideas. I know I’ve said don’t rip up the original tiles in previous blog posts, but sometimes replacing the whole floor becomes more cost-effective than tracking down enough tiles to acceptably match that flamingo pink. How about some of these options?

Concrete: Like me, you might have a basement that’s in need of some TLC. Go “naked”…rip up the flooring and embrace your concrete. Many options exist today for overlays, polishing, and more.

concrete kitchen

Image: HGTV.com

Wood in the Kitchen: You don’t need to stick with vinyl in the kitchen. Wood flooring to match the rest of the house (have you looked under those carpets lately?!) makes for a seamless transition.


Image: Roger Morris

VCT: Love the look of those old, beige vinyl tiles that look like they’ve been scuffed a million times over? The answer is Azrock TexTile, environmentally-friendly, economically smart, and retrotastic!

Image: Retro Renovation

Image: Retro Renovation

For more inspiration and ideas, check out Retro Renovation and Houzz.

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